Four useful tools for your club website

Your club website may be managed by a dedicated volunteer, or it might just be left on a club committee member to update.

Here are four tools they might find useful:

Pic Resize –

When your club photographer sends you all those fantastic photos, don’t just upload them straight to the website. The file size will kill the loading speed of your website, and make it a frustrating user experience. Instead, re-size them to a suitable size (or even one that fits in with your website slider, as documented in your website user guide).

Canva –

Want to add some custom effects to an image? Or some text? Well Canva is a great web-based tool where you can create graphics beyond a straight forward image.

Hootsuite –

You’ve spent time updating your website, now share it with the masses! Set up your club’s Facebook and Twitter accounts on Hootsuite, and you can then set up scheduled posts throughout the week to push your latest content.

Football Web Pages –

Inputting those league tables every week might be a chore, but not if you can find a site like the above. Football Web Pages is a phenomenal resource for football, and enables you to plugin any kind of information in to your site. Once it’s set up, it will update automatically, meaning you can concentrate on more pressing matters – like putting up that news story about a new signing!