Four reasons why live streaming could benefit your club

The use of live streaming platforms such as Periscope, Facebook live streaming, and YouTube has now become a common media outlet for professional sports teams as the idea of ‘breaking’ news continues to become a priority.

Often clubs will live stream their press conferences through YouTube or through Facebook streaming which will allow for the fans to get the news as fast as possible, as though they were in the room per say. With the growing nature of breaking news pages and social media pages who get the news out fast, it can only feel like a natural evolution that clubs need to make, as well as attracting viewers who are consistently at their desk and with access to a computer.

One of the best examples of this would be Corinthians football club who play in Brazil. They attached a smartphone to a drone used for capturing ariel footage and used Periscope to live stream a tour of their stadium to great effect! You can watch that video below.

So without further ado, here are our four reasons why live streaming can benefit your club;

  1. Ease of Access. Having the ability to stream training sessions, book signings and even more behind the scenes footage with only your smartphone allows for less planning and less equipment than a standard recording of the same activities. This ease of access can only benefit content producers and can only save time when it comes to a busy media schedule. This can also help if your club does not have access to high-end equipment to stream from.
  2. Breaking news. As the need for breaking news increases and continues to be at the forefront of sports reporting, having viewers coming direct to your streams can only benefit the club, rather than relying on local newspapers or social media accounts for their daily dose of news or other forms of content.
  3. Interaction. On both Periscope and YouTube there is an option for viewers to comment and interact in real time with those behind the camera, this could allow for unique Q&A sessions for players and can also be used for other uses such as user feedback etc.
  4. Behind the scenes content. There is very much an emphasis on this when it comes to Periscope specifically, whether it is training sessions, a point of view from behind the camera at a big press conference or even just showing viewers around the training ground or stadium. The abundance of unique content that can be acquired from this kind of process can really boost the number of viewers coming to your site for exactly this kind of content.



As the digital world becomes even more complicated with gadgets and the latest tech, apps such as Periscope and YouTube’s streaming feature make it that bit easier when it comes to creating unique content and for the viewers receiving the content. It can only be a good thing for your club to get involved with the newest digital revolution.