Three pieces of technology that could benefit club content

As clubs continue to evolve their exclusive content, the world of technology continues to advance, with several notable devices being created and worked on every year.

With sports clubs always competing for top class exclusive content that will stand out among the vast library of clubs, many are looking towards these new pieces of tech to set them apart from their fellow competitors.

So, how can your club get in on the action? Using these three new pieces of tech, you can be sure to stand out among the crowd.

  1. Virtual reality – Clubs are beginning to test out content with the recently released VR headsets, with several big brands stepping up to the plate with impressive visuals in an almost out of body experience. Most notably, clubs are using the headsets to get their fans closer to the action than they ever have before. In September, Liverpool used virtual reality to show fans around Anfield. Used in training sessions or pitchside, fans can truly feel close to their idols or close to the action, and with VR slowly becoming a common thing, the potential audience only grows.
  2. GoPRO – This one isn’t so much a new piece of tech, but only recently has content cropped up on sports social media channels. The vast amount of accessories for the popular mini-camera allow for a wide range of shots that would not be readily available otherwise. The chest strap mount is very much a popular choice, being able to record a club training session from the view of the players, showing fans just what they get up to during training and just how they are put through their paces.
  3. Drone Cam – Again, although the tech has been around for some time, it is only recently that clubs feel it would aid their content. A couple of examples include Corinthians from Brazil who used a drone to live stream a tour of their impressive stadium on Periscope, as well as Everton who use their drone to capture stunning visuals of matches from above the stadium, much like shots that a helicopter would be used to capture previously.

Although these three technologies are on the expensive side, such an investment would ensure for unique content of which was not capturable previously and can really set you apart from your sporting counterparts. The possibilities are endless.