Is Reddit an emerging platform for club journalism?

With over 243.6 million unique visitors between the months of January and April this year (via, Reddit is continuing to grow at an alarming rate and there is a growing number of sports fans heading over to the popular community-based forum.

For example, Liverpool have their own fan made forum with over 44,000 subscribers, with plenty of interaction through comments and ‘up votes’ (Reddit’s version of likes or retweets) providing creators with enough fan engagement to really get the word out. Other notable ‘sub-reddits’ include an NFL news and discussions page with over 530,000 subscribers as well as the generalised ‘Soccer’ community having over 515,000 subscribers.


With a huge potential audience and with it growing by the day, there is huge potential for sports clubs to create their own ‘official’ Reddit community and allow for moderators to ensure what is published and who comments on them to be in the best interests of the club. Traffic can be directed through to the official website predominantly, which allows for clubs not to be hindered in terms of traffic and revenue, It is almost as if you were promoting an article on your social media channels.

With the feeling of a discussions page rather than a simple post on social media, this platform has potential in terms of gathering feedback over certain content or even to help out through community channels. This coupled with the use of widgets and images to allow for an attractive page and community, clubs can really make use of the websites functionality.

With an enormous new audience to capture, it would be a no-brainer for clubs and publications alike to try their luck in the world of Reddit, and should they succeed, many will begin to follow.