Is safe standing in the future of the Premier League?

As Premier League officials sit down to discuss all things within the league including safe standing, we look to answer the question of whether safe standing zones are in the future of sports and sports broadcasting.

We have seen the pictures and the videos from around Europe, some of the biggest clubs in the world sporting incredible standing areas such as Borussia Dortmund, but could it soon be permitted in the Premier League? Although discussions of the matter between officials are at a very early stage, there have been calls coming from football fans in the English footballing pyramid to have restrictions on standing areas revised. With thoughts that atmosphere is dying in some grounds around the country, safe standing is thought to bring passion and electricity to the atmosphere, much like Dortmund’s ‘Yellow Wall’ as previously mentioned.

Celtic are another notable team that have a permitted standing zone, one which was praised by fans around the country and now provides a boost to all match day celebrations and the like.


So, what if the Kop had a designated standing zone? What if some of the most incredible stadiums in the country such as Old Trafford or the Emirates had designated standing areas? Would it improve atmosphere? So many questions, yet no way of answering them without testing it at the highest level.

Should such a move be given the green light, it is almost certain to provide a spectacle both for live viewers or those at home, with the Sky Cameras regularly panning to the sea of football fans emphatically cheering their club on.

The fact that the subject is even being discussed at the highest level of the Premier League shows its legitimacy, and with many campaigns and articles written on fans being kicked out and even banned from football clubs for standing, maybe this step back in time is the step forward the Premier League really needs to improve the spectacle and atmosphere at the top level.